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Silicone bake mats by Gobel

Silicone bake mats by Gobel

We first discovered these silicone bake mats while watching the Great British Bake Off and purchased one on a whim. Today, they have replaced all the baking sprays, papers and paraphernalia in the Triggerfish kitchen and are our favourite go-to when baking cookies, pastry or even fish and vegetables! There's no fear of having to scrape off your cookies or wrestle your fish off the bottom of a bake pan anymore.

Made of silicone, these non-stick, flexible mats are the perfect fit for baking trays and ovens and don't take up any storage space. They dissipate heat rapidly, allowing for even baking and don't retain smells or odours. They wash easily as well under the tap and it is recommended that you lay them flat to dry. 

While professional bakers have been using these mats for years, they've only recently become a part of the home bakers arsenal.  The only minor item to note is that they don't work as well if you are looking for food to go crisp in the oven. 

The market is full of various silicone bake mats with unreliable quality. We absolutely recommend these bake mats made by Gobel - the market leader in bakeware - that has been manufacturing pastry molds since 1887. Pop in to our store for a quick chat. We'd be happy to help you with any questions that you may have.

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