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Bread Knives

The serrated edge of a bread knife makes for easy slicing through the thick crust to the soft centre of delicious, warm bread. Tackle a baguette or a barmbrack skillfully with our classic range of bread knives.
  • Opinel Bread Knife No116


    The classic bread knife with a slight curve and beech wood handle is a good value purchase for the kitchen. The continuous serrated edge will cut t...

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    WUSTHOF are the go-to brand for any professional chef and what we recommend for the home cook too. They are forged from a single piece of high carb...

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  • KAI SHUN Bread Knife 23 cm


    Kai's Shun Series have gained a cult status for quailty and aesthtic beauty. 34 layers of folded Damascus Steel on each side (68 in total) making ...

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