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The 26 cm grill pan by Lodge

The 26 cm grill pan by Lodge

Every home should have at least one of these cast iron grill pans to give your grilling real, seasoned flavour. We love this iconic American brand 'Lodge' for their no frills, no nonsense  approach to their pans which come in one colour, a rustic black, just how the cowboys liked them. This round pan is the perfect size for a couple of steaks.

Cast iron is as tough as nails and is built to last the test of time. In fact the older it gets, the better it gets. This griddle pan gives your meat  those beautiful charred stripes whilst draining the fat at the bottom of the pan. You can also achieve the same desired effect on vegetables such as fennel, aubergines or corn on the cobs. 

It can be used in the oven, on induction hobs, and for outdoor cooking too! Ideal for those winter barbecues!!

There are a few simple steps to making sure your griddle pan gets a good seasoned coating. We recommend you dry them well with some kitchen towel after you have washed them with soap and water and a soft brush. You can then place them back on the hob or in the oven for more drying and finally, rub them with a little oil to create the perfect seasoned pan. Trust us, it's worth the extra work! 

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