Oval Pan 36cm

The Mineral B Collection by De Buyer is your go-to pan for grilling, searing and browning meat. Made from iron, it's super tough and can withstand high heats. It comes with a coating of organic beeswax with prevents oxidisation and rusting. When the pan reaches temperatures of 140 degrees, a tasty crust is formed on your meat. It can go in the oven and works on all hobs, including induction.


This oval pan has two handles on either side which make it easy for lifting from the worktop, to the oven, to the table. Ideal for Sunday Roasts or for roasting meats in the oven afer sealing them on the hob. 


Cleaning and Care Tips: Handwash only with a soft brush and some hot water. Dry with kitchen towel and rub with a little oil to keep it nicely seasoned. 

There are excellent instructions that come with every pan that we encouage you to read, on how to season your pan on first use and how to maintain it thereafter. 

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