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Mauviel M'150S Copper Saute Pan 24cm


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The Sauté Pan is your pan of choice for so many dishes and will be a much used staple in the kitchen. Risottos, dahls, curries, stews. It is deep enough to contain sauce whilst doing the same job as a frying pan. That's why it's our favourite pan at The Triggerfish Cookshop and a quality pan like this copper beauty is a great life investment.

Copper is the best conductor of heat and it will cook your food completely evenly in these pans through the metal's perfect distribution qualities. It is the go-to metal for professional chefs. The pans are made of a layer of high grade 1.5mm to 2.5mm thick copper and have an inner layer of polished stainless steel that makes them easy to clean. They have long polished stainless steel handles that make manouvering during cooking, a breeze. The ergonomics of the handles are outstanding and what you would expect from Mauviel's flawless design. Above all else though, these pans are an object of real beauty. They look the part hanging from a rack or on a shelf for all to admire. Copper brings old world warmth to any kitchen.

All the copper pans work in the oven and on all hobs, except induction.

Cleaning and Care Tips:

Do not put in the dishwasher. Hand wash with soap and hot water.

If cooking with gas, do not let the flame go beyond the base of the pan.

We recommend polishing your copper to return it to its rose-like shine, using Mauviel's Copperbrill Cleaner.

Dimensions: 24cm