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Graters, Zesters & Peelers

We bring some of the world's best culinary tools to your kitchen. Our range of graters, zesters and peelers are multi-functional and perfect for busy kitchens.
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    Garlic Cutter


    This nifty garlic cutter quickly and easily cuts up to 3 garlic cloves at a time, with the patented photo-etched, ultra-sharp blades. There is a sc...

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  • Cut Resistant Glove


    The cut resistant gloves protects the food holding hand whilst the other hand holds the grater. It fits either hand and is comfortable and light en...

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  • Gourmet Slider Attachment


    Protect your hands with  food guard grater attachment for the Gourmet Series. Pair it with any of the graters to turn it into a grinder. Works won...

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