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Cristel Mutine Steel Frying Pan 28cm


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Cristel's Mutine range are our most innovative & practically minded choice of pans. The handles can be removed with a simple click & the pans are all designed to fit neatly inside one another for easy storage & dishwasher stacking. 

Made in France from high grade 18/10 stainless steel with a layer of inner aluminium for best heat retention. Easy pouring from all sides.

A stylish & practical choice for anyone conscious of storage space.

Dishwasher safe. Handles & lids sold separately.

The 28cm larger frying pan is a bit more versatile if you're cooking for more than two or if you are frying large fillets of fish for example. The option is to use a single long handle or two eared handles, which make it a nice pan to serve things on in the middle of the table, paella style.