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    Bain Marie 16cm


    The De Buyer purpose built bain marie works by pouring water into a side cavity. The water easily comes to the boil and can be held at light simmer...

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    De Buyer Bakers Blade - Lame


    De Buyer Baker's Blade  - Lame. A top tool for anyone who is making their own bread & wants to give it that artisan look & feel.       

  • Fish Kettle - 60cm


    Stainless Steel Fish Kettle. The best tool for poaching an entire salmon or trout. An iconic piece of kitchenware. Looks fantastic on a high shelf....

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  • Ice Cream Scoop 0.4L


    The classic spring action ice cream scoop gives you perfectly round balls of ice cream. Also great for making meatballs in equal sizes. Measures 0....

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  • Jam Funnel


    Stainless steel jam funnel for pouring hot or cooled james into jars. The perfect tool for jam makers. It has two fittings at the bottom. large or ...

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  • Macaron Pastry Mat


    This Macaron Mat has exact measures on a silicone mat for you to make perfect macaron shapes. The shapes are drawn out in 35mm circles which tell y...

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  • Mandoline Revolution Master


    This is the Daddy of all Mandolines. A wonderful gift for anyone who loves creating beautifully presented dishes.  It has a new double horizontal...

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  • Nylon Pastry Bag 35cm


    Reusable pastry bag in nylon by leading French pastry and cooking brand, De Buyer.  Cleaning and Care Tips: Dishwasher Safe Dimensions: 25cm