Spun Iron Baking Bell & Griddle Plate 30cm

This beautiful griddle pan with baking bell makes for a very versatile statement piece in any kitchen. Made of spun iron, these pans spread heat evenly for better cooking.

Made by the family-run Netherton Foundry, in Shropshire, England, this set can be used for cooking indoors or outdoors. Can be used on kitchen hobs,  charcoal fires and barbecues. 

Pre-seasoned with flax oil for a  natural non-stick finish.

Dimensions: Griddle - 31cm (Diameter)  Bell: 31 cm (Diameter) / 16 cm (Height)

Cleaning & Care Instructions: Heat Pan slowly to frying temperature every time you use it. Do not drop a hot pan into cold water as this will cause it to buckle. Do not leave in water or sink after use. Re-season pan before storage for best effect. 

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