Spanish Rice & Paella Dishes | Thursday 28 March | 6.45 to 9.15pm

Thursday 28 March
6.45pm - 9.15pm
The Triggerfish Cookshop


Spain has many different types of rice dishes from meloso (creamy), caldoso (soupy) to dry. Paella refers to both the dish and the utensil but no everything you cook in a paella pan can be called paella.
Rice can be cooked in different vessels like earthenware pot, paella pan, or a pot. 
In this class we will learn about the different types of rice in Spain, how to cook them and what is the most suitable implement to cook them in.
Black pudding and sausage baked rice
Seafood rice cooked in a paella pan
Fish Stock
Soupy rice with seasonal vegetables and legumes


Rice Horchata ice cream

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