The Best of Local - How to prepare a five course Irish Menu Wednesday 17 October 6.45 to 9.15pm


In this class, you will learn that there is a lot more to the humble burger!
A crowd pleaser at parties, young and old, through every season, burgers are that winning combination of informal, fast and comfort food. You will learn how to make a spicy veggie Mexican bean burger, great for your vegetarian friends at parties or for a simple meat-free midweek family meal. You will then learn how to put together a succulent and healthy turkey burger packed full of goodness, before moving across to Middle Eastern flavours using lamb and flatbreads. Finally, you will learn how to make the ultimate homemade Beef Burger á la Americaine! All this with an array of classic as well as new toppings and with a lesson on how to prepare the perfect sides and sauces, crowning you the Burger King! 

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