Combekk Dutch Oven Thermometre 28cm

Combekk from Holland are proud to recreate the orginal 'Dutch Oven' using recycled railway tracks. The slick and minimalist design is typically Dutch. Made from enamelled cast iron, they work on all hobs, including induction and of course, in the oven. Tough and resilient, this cookware will last for decades. They come in two sizes, 24cm and the larger 28cm. Two colours: dark green or black. 

For an added design feature, go for the Themometre on the front of your Dutch Oven which measures the heat on your oven. 

Cleaning and Care Tips:

Handwash only with warm water and a soft brush or pad, dry thorughly and then rub some oil into it to keep the enamel in good condition.  

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