Spun Iron Outdoor Garden Hob with Grid

This handcrafted charcoal grill is perfect for all types of outdoor cooking. Made by the family-run Netherton foundry

The case iron bowl can be filled with charcoal which is easy to light. The grill sits perfect on top of the bow. and can grill up to four hours continuously on a single fill of charcoal.

This grill can be placed on decking as well as a patio, which makes it perfect for outdoor entertaining on summer evenings or a quiet meal as the sun goes down.

All the iron parts are pre-seasoned with flax oil.

Dimensions: Height - 5.5cm, Diameter - 31cm, Weight - 9kgs

Cleaning & Care Instructions: Do not drop a hot grill into cold water as this will cause it to buckle. Do not leave in water or sink after use. Re-season grill before storage for best effect. 

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